Graffiti (2004-2007) – Pen and ink/ Marker In the process of revelation there are moments of study and reflection. These works capture the essence of the artist’ mind traveling through the space defined by the void between creative moments. “If your not living on the edge… your taking up too much room”


Women (1997-2003) – Mixed media Depicting the evolution of love as angels in the series grow wings transcending their condition, no longer defined by their circumstances unleashing the hidden power of self-discovery.

Line Drawings

Line Drawings (c1997-2004) – Pen and Ink With the stroke of a pen, the artist captures the fluid motion of whimsical characters sometimes expressing satirical notions of themselves. “For those who get it no explanation is necessary… for those who don’t, no explanation is possible”


Hearts (2000-2004) – Mixed media The classic defined shape of the heart is translated by the artist into portraits that are in search of a viewer to give them a soul. “When love calls it is the voice of all people speaking through our hearts together”


Abstracts (c1980-1990) -Oil Color and shape collide forming powerful images triggering an emotional response. “When I think I am all alone I catch a glimpse of something unexplainable, an indefinable force hidden in between the leaves and inside the ripples of a windblown lake… A place where movements after image lives on”


Faces (c1980) Lithograph A series of three original flatbed lithographs depicting The Essence of Women. “Although Beauty is subjective, who you are seeing in my work is you- your own inner beauty startlingly revealed in the faces that represent “The One Face behind all of us”.

The Americana Collection

Americana Pen and ink – (1977-1980) An exploration of rural American sub-culture with realistic images that force the viewer to come to terms with the world… the one in which we live and the world that lives within. “Poverty is a state in which the other person is constantly being deprived of their ability to…